I’m a creative graphic designer with a passion for using my design skills to explore new ideas and challenges. I believe being a designer requires a unique blend of powers, such as intuition, subtlety and technical skills. For that reason, I treat every new project not only as a business challenge but also as an opportunity to learn and develop.

My design training and work projects span a diverse array of experiences, reflecting my passion for knowledge and discovery. Past five years, I worked in-house as a Graphic designer at Canal+, a broadcaster of premium TV and subscription streaming service. I was involved in various projects that required extraordinary attention to detail and a strive for creating unique visual designs. Working in such a project-oriented environment taught me to be a team player and an independent executor when the time is pressing. My responsibilities ranged from web design and art direction to co-creation of product marketing campaigns. I designed visual identities, web ads, key visuals for social media, landing pages, external and internal mailing pieces.

Apart from that, I’m a freelancer specialising in brand and visual design and illustration. I help others find the visual identity that aligns with their core values. I carefully listen and ask questions before I even make the initial sketches. I think common understanding is key to delivering satisfactory results.

Whenever I’m not focused on work, I enjoy nature, whether climbing, hiking in the mountains or reading a book on the beach. And I take way too many pictures. Patterns, colours, and social interactions are what catch my eye. I’m Currently based in Spain.

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+48 662 526 389